1995 Dodge Viper

Sold for: $25500
Total Bids: 8


The epitome of a RADwood Era poster child, the RT/10 Viper adorned many of our walls. When the car stormed onto the scene in in 1992, its performance figures were on par with the best from Maranello and Stuttgart—400hp/465ft/lbs, 0-60 in 4.5 seconds, and a face melting .95 G’s of lateral acceleration. These cars were all business with their tubular steel chassis, RTM fiberglass bodies, and famously, no exterior door handles or side windows(!).  Bob Lutz was quoted, “Viper is not for everyone. This car is only for the enthusiast who wants a great driving car and nothing more.” The one presented here has been improved to both benefit the hardcore driving enthusiast and those seeking a smidge more comfort. 

1 of just 114 Canadian models in 1995, this RT/10 sports an Emerald Green Metallic exterior paired with gray leather interior. Canadian 1st gen models did not come with the door mounted passive restraint seatbelts like the US models. Instead, this model came with interior mounted seat belts like we saw in the 2nd gen Vipers. Also, being a Canadian model, the speedometer and odometer read in kilometers with 45,628 on the clock.

Since the car is located in the Pacific Northwest, the seller opted to install an Autoform “Double Bubble” hard top and plexiglass side windows, making the car more useable in less than dry conditions. The original tonneau cover and rear glass are also included. 

The car is said run “perfectly” and stops well with upgraded EBC RedStuff pads at all four corners. Slotted and drilled rotors were installed with the pads 9/2019. The seller is including scans of all invoices and receipts under his ownership, which began in April of 2019.  Below is a list of maintenance and upgrades performed since the seller’s acquisition: 

January 15, 2021

•Engine oil change

•Serpentine belt replacement


April 3, 2020

•Fuel line retainer & fuel filter replacement

December 19, 2019

•Autoform hard top mounting points installed


October 28, 2019


•Coolant system hoses, gaskets, temperature switch, thermostat replaced


September 9, 2019

•Replaced all brake pads and rotors


July 11, 2019

•Installed seat lowering kit (original seat mounts for driver's seat are included)

•Installed skip shift eliminator

•Installed cold air intake

•Engine oil change

•Clutch fluid change

•Transmission oil change

•Differential fluid change


We’re big fans of this RAD color combo and are very excited to have this awesome American supercar on RAD For Sale. Good luck and we’re jealous of the next owner! 





Skip Shift Eliminator

Low Temp Theromostat

EBC RedStuff Front Brake Pads

EBC RedStuff Rear Brake Pads

Aftermarket Front & Rear Brake Rotors

K&N Cold Air Intake

Magnaflow Mufflers

Seat Lowering Kit


Tonneau cover 

Kenwood stereo with bluetooth and USB connectivity

Autoform hard top and side plexi windows


Curb rash on right side wheels

Miscellaneous scratches to interior surfaces

Dent in front of passenger side exhaust tip

1995 Dodge Viper


Bid to: $25500