1993 Toyota MR2

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26 years of ownership and 6 figures of modifications later, the owner of this well-known MR2 is finally ready to pass it on to a new owner. This car has lived all 26 of those years in California and has always been garaged and meticulously cared for. High level of attention to detail has been executed throughout the build and “regular” UV protection has been applied on all surfaces, including those all-important t-top seals. 

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3rd gear pull

Since 1995 when the owner/seller first acquired this 1993 MR2, the car has graced the pages of Sport Compact Car, represented brands at Hot Import nights, SEMA, and time attack events—it put down one of the fastest laps at Best Motoring’s American Touge 2 at the hands of legendary driver Yasuyuki Kazama way back in 2006. The car has been developed further with more power and grip since. This car has a “CV” longer than most humans, so it’s no surprise that practically every single part of this MR2 has been improved or modified in some way. 

Before we get into the drivetrain, let’s start with the extensive weight reduction. The car’s weight reduction program included (but is not limited to) replacement of the hood, engine lid, trunk lid, doors, mirrors, and fenders with carbon fiber units. The stock exhaust was replaced with a lightweight, single exit unit by KO Racing, A/C was deleted, the stereo and spare with jack were also ditched. The car now weighs in at 2,660, down from 2,888 stock. Combine this with close to 500hp at the wheels, depending on the tune, and you have yourself a proper rocket! 

The engine is a Gen III JDM 3SGTE (245 PS stock) that was stroked and built by ETL Motorsports to 2.2L in 2019. In its current state, it is programmed for 485hp/ 416 lb-ft tq via the Link G4+ ECU which has flex-fuel and boost-by-gear capabilities. Cams are HKS 272/272 units and are tunable via ATS cam gears. Valve springs have been upgraded to GSC units with titanium retainers and the block houses forged CP pistons. The “T” in 3SGTE, stands for Turbo, which of course, has not been left alone. The stock snail was replaced with a Precision 5558 ceramic ball bearing with t04s compressor (polished/surge protection) .63 a/r and is paired with a Tial Sport 38mm Wastegate. A giant Blitz trunk mount intercooler and Greddy oil cooler take on the cooling duties. 

Toyota’s stout E153 transmission with uprated 1993+ synchros and shift linkages sends power to the rear wheels via a Clutchmasters twin-plate clutch/flywheel, Kaaz 1.5 way LSD, and stronger ATS axles. 

Handling is managed by TRD JDM Circuit Coilovers, pillowball front and rear upper mounts, pillowball endlinks, TRD front sway bar, pillowball tension rods and Techno Toy Tuning roll center adjusters. The geometry is kept in check by a Wilhelm geometry kit designed to correct the negative effects of lowering, and to improve on the stock geometry by reducing dynamic toe (aka bump steer) and adjusting the roll axis of the chassis.  This improves turn-in and front-end grip, while also reducing the oversteer tendency that the SW20 is so known for.  The kit also also said to make it easier to catch or control oversteer once it starts. 

The steering rack is a custom close ratio unit which was rebuilt in 2019 using an MR2 Spyder pinion gear for sharper turn-in and retains the speed sensitive factory electro-hydraulic assist. The car also benefits from the use of extensive chassis bracing via EMS Powered front and rear strut tower braces, Carbing 4 point lower arm brace, Bellco chassis reinforcement foam, EMS Powered sway bar reinforcement plates, Gab lower arm bar, and Ultra Racing fender braces. 

The wheels are iconic Rays Engineering Volk TE-37 Rims - 16x7” and 17x8.5” and are shod with Firestone Firehawk Indy tires in 205/45/16 front and 255/40/17 rear. Braking is managed by uprated ’93+ turbo front twin piston calipers and vented rotors to match the uprated turbo rear brakes.  Endless Type NA-S brake pads, Goodridge steel brake lines, ATS Racing master cylinder brace, and custom Kevlar cooling ducts complete the system. 

Interior modifications include an Autopower 6 Point Cage professionally installed at I/O port racing, Sparco Grid Q seats with Willans 6 point rotary harness, and Sparco pads. A JDM SW20 gauge cluster w/LED bulbs and trim rings displays speed in KPH and has an integrated Omori boost gauge. The aforementioned quick ratio steering rack is controlled via a Nardi Gara steering wheel with an NRG quick release hub.

The car is being sold with a clean Montana title, an original key with two duplicates, 26 years of records, original manuals and a factory service manual along with a collection of magazines/publications in which the car was featured. 

Along with its owner, David Vespremi (DavidV), the car has been engineered on and supported by a virtual who’s who of the MR2 world scene Chris Yap, Garret Katzenstein (WolfKatz Engineering), Bryan "NoShoes” Moore (NoShoes Speedworks), Pouya Ziapour (MadPSI) and Kris Olsheim (KO Racing). 

Below is a list of media coverage, event participation, and sponsors: 


Car Hacks & Mods for Dummies (Cover)

Electronic Art – Need for Speed Video Game, car sounds used in game (2006)

Sport Compact Car Magazine - Jul. 2002 - Crank the Boost

Sport Compact Car Magazine - Aug. 2003 - Spank the STi

Sport Compact Car Magazine - Aug. 2004 - The Ultimate Lap Dance

Sport Compact Car Magazine - Nov. 2005 - The Contenders

Sport Compact Car Magazine - Dec. 2005 - Meet the Ultimate Street Car

Apotheosis: DVD Feature Film ‘03

MR2DIE4 SE: VHS Feature Film ‘02

K&N Promotional Print and Video Advertising: ‘05

K&N Media Day – ‘05


Best Motoring – American Touge 2 (2006)

Hot Import Nights L.A.  2002 (Aquamist Booth)

Hot Import Nights San Mateo 2004 (Team Hokori)

SEMA (Aquamist Booth) 2003

SE 2002 (Best Handling MR2) 2002

ALMS Les Mans (Best Toyota) 2002

Past and Current Sponsors:

EMS Powered

ERL Aquamist

ETL Motorsports

K&N Engineering

KO Racing

NoShoes Speedworks


Wolfkatz Engineering


The complete modifications and equipment list is included in the section below.

This is one of the most well-known and documented SW chassis MR2’s in the country and we are honored to have it here on RAD For Sale as a RADwood Royalty auction. Happy bidding and good luck! 






Gen III JDM 3SGTE (245 PS stock) ETL Motorsports 2.2 Gen 3 Stroker 
Link G4+ ECU with flex-fuel and boost-by-gear
Apexi Turbo Timer
ARP Head Studs 
ATS Adjustable Cam Gears 
Blitz 4 Row TMIC Intercooler 
Cometic Head Gasket 
CP forged pistons 
Phoenix’s Power Gen III Intake Manifold with Side Feed Q45 90mm Throttle Body 
EMS Powered Side Vent Block Off Plate 
GSC valve springs and titanium retainers
Precision 5558 ceramic ball bearing with t04s compressor (polished/surge protection) .63 a/r 
GReddy (Trust) Oil Cooler 
HKS SSQV Blow Off Valves 
HKS 272/272 High Lift Cams 
KO Racing Air Intake 
KO Racing Downpipe  
KO Racing R1 Exhaust (Custom Driver. Side Exit) 
Phoenix’s Power big bore Gen III fuel rail and e85 rated lines 
Blueprinted 5.0 1,400cc injectors, top feed fuel rail, custom fuel lines and fittings
Port Matched/Polished and Ceramic Coated Factory Exhaust Manifold 
Spal 12” Intercooler Fans (Curved Blade)
TCS Waterneck 
Tial Sport 38mm Wastegate 
Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator 
TRD Engine Mounts 
TRD Oil Cap 
TRD 160 Thermostat
Walboro 450 Fuel Pump 
Wolfkatz Aluminum IC Piping 
100 Amp Denso alternator 
Partial engine bay shave/tuck 

ARP Wheel Studs
Bedell Racing Brake Master Cylinder Brace 
Bellco Chassis Reinforcement Foam
Carbing 4 Point Lower Arm Brace 
Custom Kevlar Brake Ducting
Custom close ratio steering rack (rebuilt 2019)
EMS Powered Front and Rear Strut Tower Braces 
EMS Powered Swaybar Reinforcement Plates 
Endless Type NA-S Brake Pads 
Gab Lower Arm Bar
Goodridge Steel Brake Lines
HKS Pillowball Rear Upper Mounts 
H&R 15mm spacers 
High and Tight Pillowball endlinks
JIC Magic Pillowball Tension Rods 
Techno Toy Tuning Roll Canter Adjusters
JDM Aftermarket (Unknown Brand) Rear Swaybar 
Rays Engineering Volk TE-37 Rims - 16x7” and 17x8.5” with Firestone Firehawk Indy (205/45/16 and 255/40/17)
TEIN Camber Plates 
TRD JDM Circuit Coilovers 
TRD Front Sway Bar
Ultra Racing Fender Braces 
Wilhelm Raceworks Geometry correction kit 

ATS CV Joints
Clutchmasters twin-plate clutch/flywheel
Kaaz 1.5 way LSD

Exterior/Weight Reduction:
APR Carbon Fiber Mirrors 
Border Racing Carbon Fiber Side Vent Covers
CarBen Fibre Creations Carbon Fiber Fenders
CarBen Fibre Creations Carbon Fiber Doors
Custom Hood, Engine Lid, and Trunk Seals 
MR2 Heaven Stage 3 HID Projector Lights w/Philips Xtreme Vision Gen2 
MadPSI Carbon Fiber Hood
MadPSI Carbon Fiber Engine Cover & Side Pieces
MadPSI Carbon Fiber Trunk Lid
MadPSI Carbon Fiber Front Lip
Jekyll and Hyde Mono wiper
OEM JDM Special Edition Paint Scheme
OEM JDM Front Clear Corner Lenses
OEM JDM Amber Rear Corner Lenses
OEM JDM Reflector Replacement Moldings
OEM JDM Sill Plates
OEM ’94 JDM Taillights 
Street Weapon Composites Carbon Fiber Headlight Covers
Tom’s CF Duckbill Spoiler 




StonGard 3M Clear Bra

Polarg Bulbs 
Autopower 6 Point Cage
Sparco Grid Q seats 
JDM SW20 Gauge Cluster w/LED bulbs and trim rings
Longacre Rearview Mirror 
Nardi Steering Wheel 
NRG Quick Release Hub 
Omori integrated boost gauge 
Recaro Helmet Pads
Willans 6 Point Rotary Harness 
WORKS Shift Knob
TwosRUs steering adapter plate 


Excellent condition inside and out

Scratches on roll cage



1993 Toyota MR2


Bid to: $18500