1990 Nissan Sunny Truck

  • VIN: B122042322
  • Title: Clean
  • Model: Sunny Truck
  • Location: Flint, MI. 48532
  • Mileage: 37,150 (TMU)
  • Seller: NomadAutoImports
  • Transmission: 4-speed manual
  • Reserve?: YES
  • Engine: A12 4-cylinder
Bid to: $6569
Total Bids: 15


The Sunny name has been in use since Datsun introduced this small and economical line of cars in 1966. While the Datsun 1200-based model evolved over the next 20 years, much of the design and feel of the Sunny had remained the same and the overall formula was common; lightweight, simple cars with 4-cylinder engines and rear wheel drive. 

The Sunny truck, or “coupe utility” as it was also known due to it’s unibody construction, debuted in 1971 and production continued in other corners of the world all the way until 2008. Unfortunately, the US was denied these funky and simple trucks due to the “chicken tax” regulations of the era and because of that, only a handful of these B122 Sunny’s have managed to find their way to American soil. 

This short bed example was imported from Japan by the selling dealer in 2020 and the five digit odometer shows 37,150 kilometers (23k miles) which has likely rolled over once. It has benefited from a repaint in a dark grey and the seats are wearing black vinyl covers. Aside from the seats, the rest of the interior presents as preserved original with typical wear and cracks in the dash but otherwise complete. The door panels, headliner, stock steering wheel and shifter appear in good condition as well. A JDM Carrozzeria stereo (a Pioneer brand) and speakers have been installed. 

The 1.2 liter A12 carbureted 4-cylinder was factory rated at 69 hp and 72 lb/ft of torque and is mated to a 4-speed manual transmission and rear wheel drive. Period correct 13” slotted mag wheels wrapped in Toyo tires are fitted and front disc brakes were standard. 

The seller reports the Sunny starts, runs and drives well and a comprehensive video of the truck can be found here. Recent service includes a coolant flush, oil service and a new battery. 

This is a very rare opportunity to own an equally rare JDM truck- one that we’ve never seen at any RADwood to date.


Repainted in a non-original color

Vinyl seat covers

Aftermarket stereo and speakers

Slotted mag wheels


A12 carbureted 4-cylinder

4-speed manual

Right hand drive

Front disc brakes

Fender mounted mirrors




Runs and drives without issue

Newer paint shows well

Missing grille badge

Dash cracked

Recent oil service and coolant flush

Newer battery


1990 Nissan Sunny Truck


Bid to: $6569