1986 Ford Mustang SVO

  • VIN: 1FABP28T6GF190690
  • Title: Clean
  • Model: Mustang
  • Seller: ryantomorrow
  • Mileage: 92,990
  • Location: Cupertino, CA. 95014
  • Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
  • Reserve?: YES
  • Engine: 2.4L 4-cyl Turbo
Bid to: $7005
Total Bids: 9


The Mustang SVO is arguably the raddest Foxbody ever built by Ford. In 1984, facing rising fuel economy pressures and stiff competition from the Saab 900 Turbo and Porsche 944, Ford decided to turn to Special Vehicle Operations to build the "future of Mustang" - an American pony car with European sports car sensibilities. They spared no expense, using a turbocharged, fuel injected 2.4L I4 Lima from the Thunderbird Turbo Coupe to keep power up but nose weight (and fuel economy) in check. Nobody would admit it at the time, but the 200hp I4 could outrun its 5.0L GT stablemate. 

But to really compete with the Europeans, Ford needed to solve for the Achilles' heel of the Fox platform: Handling. They gave it 4-wheel disc brakes, 5-lug wheels, adjustable Koni quad shocks, Goodyear gatorbacks, and custom control arms. This made the SVO the best-handling Foxbody of all time from the factory, and the SVO included features that wouldn't be seen on another Mustang for 10 years.

The car also featured a functional biplane spoiler, a hood scoop that actually fed the intercooler, Marchal fog lights, a Hurst 5-speed, and a quick-ratio steering rack with bespoke valving. 

All of that was expensive - too expensive, it turned out. The SVO was a compelling package, but at $16k it was over 50% more costly than the 5.0 GT’s of the time, a tough sell to an American audience used to V8 power. That meant that Ford only made the SVO for 3 years (over 4 model years), and this 1986 was the end of the run. Let’s not forget about the ‘86 only flush aero headlamps.

This also means production numbers of the SVO are comparably low, making it an incredibly rare Mustang. In total, less than 10,000 were ever made. In 1986, in Oxford White? 547.

The car originally lived in New Jersey, the daily driver of a NYC police detective. After his passing, the car was sold to a friend in Florida and garaged. It was refreshed and repainted, and then sold to a Mustang enthusiast in Los Angeles. He had it for 2 years and drove it less than 2,000 miles. He completed the "driver's restoration" consisting of period-correct refreshed components, mostly suspension and exhaust. It lived under a cover in his garage before the current owner bought it in January of this year. 

The following components have either been serviced or replaced in the past 2 years/less than 1,000 miles:

Cooling system refresh with a upgraded radiator (Mishimoto), radiator hoses, coolant flush. 

New exhaust including custom y-pipe, DynoMax Super Turbo mufflers and tailpipes. 

Suspension refresh with correct adjustable Koni Classic red shocks, MOOG springs, alignment and new Goodyear Eagle Sport Tires. 

            Voltage regulator, alternator, battery and fan relay control module.

Valve cover gasket replacement, oil service and tune-up. 

Various factory decals have been replaced, new OEM windshield installed, and much more. 

The car is a mostly unmodified survivor. The engine remains stock outside of a K&N air filter and a Mishimoto all-aluminum radiator. Extensive work has been done to the suspension but all to stock specifications. The Lima 4-cylinder fires up quickly and idles well. Performance is said to be responsive and the recent work carried out will allow the next owner to drive it at will. The 5-digit odometer shows 92,990 miles. 

The Mustang was treated to a "driver's quality" repaint in the original Oxford White with minor imperfections and some overspray but still presents quite well. The interior is very clean and preserved with all factory components in place including the factory stereo cassette player. The factory installed Hurst shift knob, suede door panels, uncracked dash, SVO sport steering wheel and SVO floor mats show well with only minor wear to the driver's seat. The A/C has been serviced and blows cold. 

Included in this listing is a period-correct set of Ford Performance lowering springs, a Maximum Motorsports K-member brace, a spare fog light bracket and wiring harness, and a set of replacement coolant hoses and dog-bone clutch cable. This Mustang SVO also comes with some service history, archival documents, period advertisement, unopened original Ford mix tape and a Hot Wheels and Micro Machines version of the car. A California smog certificate from February of this year is included. This example is registered with the SVO Club of America.

Mustangs are rad. Foxbody Mustangs are totally rad. And an oddball, turbocharged, twin-spoiler, hood-scooped, final year SVO? Quite possibly the epitome of the species.





Mishimoto aluminum radiator

DynoMax Super Turbo mufflers

K&N air filter



2.4L I4 Turbocharged Lima 

5-speed manual 

Koni shocks

Newer Goodyear Eagle tires

Bi-plane spoiler

Marchal fog lights

Factory Recaro seats

Factory Hurst shifter

SVO steering wheel and floor mats

Original stereo and mix tape


Well maintained and sympathietically restored example

Repainted in original Oxford White 

Some overspray in places 

Minor dings and body blemishes

Extensive recent service and maintenance

Refreshed suspension, exhaust, tires and more

Completed CA smog inspection

Serviced A/C blows cold

Minor wear to drivers seat and steering wheel

Starts quickly, idles well

Runs and drives great

1986 Ford Mustang SVO


Bid to: $7005