1983 VW Beetle

  • VIN: 11E0108477
  • Title: Clean
  • Model: Beetle
  • Mileage: 121
  • Engine: 1.6 flat 4cyl
  • Transmission: 4-speed transaxle
  • Seller: marco
  • Location: San Mateo, CA
  • RADness: Practically brand new!
  • Reserve?: YES
Bid to: $9250
Total Bids: 14


“New Old Stock”

With a production run of 80 years across all continents except Antarctica, it is almost guaranteed that everyone, car person or not, has had a VW Beetle experience. It is the most produced single model of any car in history, with over 21.5 million units produced by the time production halted in 2003. Being the epitome of the utilitarian “people’s car”, we all have stories with these machines. Whether it be first car stories of battling a well worn manual transmission of a hand me down, packing in way too many friends in one, being shuttled around in a taxi, or learning how to wrench on the incredibly simple componentry, there is a sense of nostalgia buried in all of us evoked by these “Bugs.” 

It is for this reason, that it is truly remarkable for a pristine, original, barely used example to exist. After-all, these were attainable transportation devices meant to be used and this one presented here, provides a very rare opportunity to own one of the most preserved examples of not only a “Mexican Beetle”, but any Beetle available anywhere. That makes this super cool anachronism impossibly RAD! 

This 1983 "Mexican Market" VW Beetle shows just 196 kilometers (~121 miles) on the odometer. The car was originally purchased in Tijuana, Mexico by California based VW tuning legend Gene Berg. He had been gifted a red and blue pair of Beetles by VW as a thank you for his VW parts business success and he was keen on acquiring a perfect example of a white one to to complete a “red, white, and blue” trio. This is the car that completed the display at his shop in Orange County, CA. 

The Beetle remained with Gene until 1996 when he passed away and was then sold by his wife to another VW enthusiast in San Bernardino. This owner is said to have cared for the car for over ten years and then sold it to another Beetle collector in Northern California where it sat in dry storage until the current seller acquired the car. 

In true time capsule fashion, the car still sports the original plastic seat covers and there is no discernible wear on any of the interior surfaces. The undercarriage looks showroom fresh, although the original tires understandably, show some cracking. The white paint is original and said to be in like new condition. 

Earlier this year, the seller had a full fluid flush including fuel, engine, transaxle, and brake fluids performed. At the same time, a NOS VW brake master cylinder, fuel lines, fuel filter, oil filter, and battery were installed. The car’s 1600cc engine is said to be very sound and runs “perfectly.” Shifts of the 4-speed are smooth and without issues. The 4-wheel drum brakes are said to brake straight with good pedal feel after the master cylinder replacement.  

A full walkaround video with the car starting and running is included below. 

All electrics are functional, including interior, exterior lights, and  windshield wipers. The wipers themselves were replaced during the fluid service, due to the original rubber deteriorating. 

Included with the car are the original manuals, service booklets, 2 sets of keys with original tags, and a map of Mexico—all of which are pictured in the photo gallery. The car had never been registered prior to the current owner. It is now  sold with Vermont "Antique Vehicle" registration. 

We are very excited to see the conversation and bidding on this one! Good luck and happy bidding!

This Beetle will be on display at RADwood NorCal on July 10th at the EuroClassix booth, so swing by for a close up look. 





Original spare 

Original tool kit

12 volt system

All original books and manuals

2 sets of keys with original tags



Pristine interior 

Very nice original paint

Steel wheels do show minor paint chipping on lips

Original tires  show cracking 

1983 VW Beetle


Bid to: $9250