1983 Ferrari Mondial Quattrovalvole

  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Title: Clean
  • VIN: ZFFMD14A8D0047539
  • Engine: 3.0 V8
  • Transmission: 5-Speed Transaxle
  • Seller: SODO-Moto
  • RADness: 4 seat Ferrari with iconic wedge design!
  • Mileage: 47,500
Bid to: $25000
Total Bids: 19


Regardless of what Ferrari snobs may say, the Pininfarina penned Ferrari Mondial was a sales success. Over 6,000 units were produced (compared to 2,826 308 GT4’s, the Mondial’s predecessor) and the Quattrovalvole like the one you see here, was regularly sold out during its production run. The Quattrovalvole, Italian for four-valve, was released in 1982 as the first major update to the Mondial model. The Mondial Quattrovalvole’ s V8 (aka QV) still displaced 3.0 liters,  however new 4 valve heads replaced the 2-valve units, bumping horsepower to 240 from 220. This was enough to achieve a 0-60 time of in the high 6 second range. Respectable, especially in 1982 when a Corvette took 8+. That being said, the Mondial isn’t about sheer performance, it’s about the experience. Visibility was always lauded especially for a mid-engined vehicle, steering accurate and communicative, brakes were powerful, and the ride was perfectly tuned for its GT purpose. These are RAD cruisers with added Italian spice. 

Ferrari guru John Pogson put it best in this great video by TheDrive.

The 1983 Ferrari Mondial presented here is said to run and drive very well with just over 47,500  miles on the clock. The 5-speed transaxle is said to shift well and the clutch engagement is “nice and positive.”

The interior appears to have minimal wear with the leather throughout showing no tears. The power windows are said to be operational, albeit slow. The AC does not blow cold and the sunroof moves to down-position however does not open fully. The horn is inoperable. The trunk release and fuel release buttons don’t work and are currently operated manually via cable.

The exterior is said to have been at least partially repainted in the original Rosso Corsa. Some rust bubbling is present along the engine lid and rear valence. A small crack is present in the rear window. There are several small chips and dings throughout (pictured in the gallery). Michelin TRX tires (2018 date code) show minimal wear.

A recent service was performed at Scuderia Rampante comprised of engine oil, filters, upgraded fuse/relay box, emissions air pump, spark plug wires, and air/fuel mixture adjustment. Photos of the service order will be added to the gallery shortly. 

The engine bay appears tidy with no visible fluid leaks. The most recent record of a timing belt service is from October 2015, at 45,916 miles (47,500 currently on the odo). Unlike the later Mondial T’s with the longitudinally mounted V8, this QV does NOT require an engine out service to replace the timing belt. The service is performed from the one of the wheel wells, by removing a wheel and fender liner. 

This is a solid, “driver” example of an approachable Ferrari with room for friends. We’d love to see this one parked in the RADwood Royalty section of one of our future shows. We’ll make sure to place it next to an F40 or F50 :). 

Happy Bidding! 


Aftermarket stereo


3.0 32 valve V8

5-speed manual 

Michelin TRX tires 

Pioneer cassette player 

Power windows 


Chips and dings throughut 

Small crack on rear glass 

Rust bubbles showing under paint at rear of car 

Trunk and fuel door releases are inoperable (manually opened)


1983 Ferrari Mondial Quattrovalvole


Bid to: $25000