1985 Mitsubishi Galant

Sold for: $2200
Total Bids: 8


In 1985, Mitsubishi introduced this Galant to the US market with its simple geometric styling and unique interior ergonomics. 

Instead of traditional HVAC controls on a center console or dashboard, you get sliders on a pod that moved with the steering column when adjusted. Instead of a traditional turn signal stalk, you get a paddle of sorts that is easily accessible via your left hand. This “pod” also houses the headlight switch, dimmer, cruise control buttons, defroster, and wiper controls. Moving towards the rear of the interior you find a feature that was typical of executive sedans and limousines, however not commonplace in a Honda Accord competitor—reclinable rear seats. To top it off, the rear headrests are laterally adjustable.

Under the hood is a 101hp 2.4L 4 cylinder attached to a 4 speed automatic transmission. The engine is said to run well with all new belts, new spark plugs, spark plug wires, new distributor cap/rotor, new air filter, and a recent oil change. Motor and transmission mounts, as well as both CV axles have been replaced in the last 100 miles.

The seller states the transmission shifts “leisurely” into 3rd gear, however it has always shifted up and down through all gears under his ownership. In addition to the slow shifts into 3rd, there is an occasional “slight” clunk when downshifting into 2nd gear. Holes are present in the exhaust and are pictured in the gallery. 

The seller purchased the car from a “longtime owner” in August of 2020. The Galant has a clean California title, has passed the stringent SMOG test, and is currently registered. MAJOR bonus points for that Sammy Hagar tribute California blue plate--"1NOG055."

We’d love to see this rare gem of low key 80’s transportation at a future RADwood event. 

This vehicle is offered without a reserve. 





Automatic climate control

Cold A/C 

Reclining rear seats

Functional cassette player 


Hole in the exhaust and the muffler

Drivers side interior door handle needs to be replaced (only opens from outside)

Top of rear seats are a bit sun baked

Slight crack in dashboard.

Plasic missing from either side of center console

Dings and dents 

Faded front grille 

Curbing on wheels 

Sunbaked rearview mirror 

Paint faded on passenger side mirror 

Scratch on lower driver's side door 

Wear in front seat fabric surfaces 

1985 Mitsubishi Galant


Bid to: $2200