1993 Toyota Supra Turbo GZ

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The 4th generation (MKIV) Supra introduced for the 1993 model year is legendary for it's incredibly stout iron blocked, DOHC, inline 6 , 3-liter powerplant. 800+ "reliable" horsepower from the stock longblock is pretty commonplace, however these cars are more than just straightline missiles. These Supra's also boast tremendous stopping power and held the world record for a production car with a stopping distance from 70-0 of 149ft. It took 12 years for it to be dethroned (by the Porsche Carrera GT). Then there's the cornering grip. Period publications consistently recorded skidpad figures of 0.95G. This is with early 90's tire tech, making this one RAD driver's machine. 

The JDM version offered here is a 1993, top-of-the-line, "GZ model" which was fully loaded with the twin-turbo 3-liter engine (2JZ-GTE), leather,Torsen limited slip differential, active front aero spoiler, "Aero Top" (aka targa top), and automatic transmission. There were a total of 352 Supra GZ's made and were only available for the 1993 and 1994 model years. 

The vehicle is said to have been owned by a single family since it was purchased new in Toyohashi, Japan. The selling dealer acquired the car from an auction, as the first owner outside of this family. Since purchased, the vehicle is said to have been garage kept, being driven and "serviced sporadically."

The seller states the vehicle is in good running condition with no apparent oil or fluid leaks. The engine is said to start up and idle smoothly, with the transmission engaging into gears "with ease." Shifts are reported to be smooth. The O/D lamp, as well as the Airbag lamp, are both on.

The only known modifications to the vehicle are a period (analog) TV installed next to the center console and a remote starter with turbo timer. The factory manual and wireless fob are included for the remote starter/turbo timer. 

Happy bidding on this icon worthy of the RADwood Royalty moniker. 

Notes from the selling dealer in Japan:

With the car you will get all factory tools for the spare tire, as well as the Aero Top tools. It also will be exported with the full books, known maintenance and inspection records, and full paperwork for import and registration processes. That includes a certified translation of the export certificate, as well as the original, and all standard shipping and insurance documentation.

We can arrange shipping to the following ports in the USA:
Tacoma, WA
Long Beach, CA
Freeport, TX (Houston/Galveston)
Jacksonville, FL
Savannah, GA,
Newport News, VA
Baltimore, MD
New York, NY (NJ Port)
Boston, MA

Shipping to west coast destinations is estimated at $900 and $1,100 all other destinations listed above. Please note that there will be some fees and duties to be paid on the US side on top of the auction price. We can connect you with a trusted customs broker to handle the import process smoothly.

The car is currently located in Fukuoka, Japan and ready to ship globally. Feel free to ask us for any information about the vehicle or the import process. It's legal to import to most countries globally.


Aftermarket wireless engine starter and turbo timer

"Period-correct" TV 


Full leather interior 

Torsen LSD 

G-sensing four-channel antilock brakes

Removable Aero Top with tools

Front active aero spoiler (currently not functioning)


Non-smoker car with no signs of cigarette burns or smells

Factory gunmetal grey alloy wheels have a few scratches on them 

Minor dents/scratches 

Interior has scratches and scrapes around the console and dash

Slight separation on the dash above the gauges

Glue residue on the dash 

Rear carpet has stains around the bottom of the center console. 

1993 Toyota Supra Turbo GZ


Bid to: $31500