1995 Mazda Lantis Type R

Sold for: $5000
Total Bids: 15


The Mazda Lantis was penned by Porsche designer Ginger Arnold Ostle, who is credited with early sketches of the 924, 944, and 928. One may say this “4dr coupé” carries some of that Porsche design DNA in it’s rounded hatchback design.These cars are a rare sight on American roads, as they were never officially sold here. The Type R version presented here takes the rarity factor up a notch as it was only sold in Japan, where the standard models were available in Europe as the Mazda 323F. 

The Type R versions came equipped with a 2.0L DOHC V6 (that’s not a typo) making 170hp at 7,000RPM. They also included a limited slip differential, 16” wheels, unique front spoiler, side skirts, and floating rear spoiler among other cosmetic differences. 

There are just over 45,000 miles (73,500 km) indicated on the odometer and the vehicle is said to be all original except for a Japanese aftermarket radio which does not work. The engine oil is said to have been changed recently along with headlight bulbs. The seller states the engine and automatic transmission are in good operating condition and the car was recently driven on a 160 mile round trip without incident.

The paint is said to be original and described as a “10 footer.” It shows swirl marks which may polished out with a good buff. The seller states there is no visible rust on the body or chassis. Underbody photos are included in the gallery. 

All of the power windows, locks, and sunroof are said to be in good working order except for the driver's side mirror. The automatic climate control is functional, A/C blows cold, and heater blows hot. The interior shows no tears in the upholstery or cracks on the dashboard and the seller states the seats “feel solid.”

Extra brake pads are included, although they don't need to be changed at this time. The seller states they are the same as a Mazda Miata’s. Also included is an original brochure and accessory guide which are pictured in the photo gallery. 

2 sets of keys, copy of the export certificate (translated export certificate also included), declaration page, EPA page, entry summary, and bill of lading come with the vehicle. 

Walkaround and interior video 

Cold start video


All original, except for aftermarket head unit 


Limited Slip Differential 

Automatic climate control 

Folding rear seat

Rear window wiper 



Mechanically sound with clean, intact upholstery 

No visible dents 

Paint has swirls, chips, scratches. Shown in photo gallery

Dashboard shows some warping on the passenger side anove the glovebox

Drivers side electric mirror does not work

Stereo doesn’t work

Scuffs on steering wheel leather 

1995 Mazda Lantis Type R

Seller: oxenreiter

Bid to: $5000