Porsche 944 FOHA - Lip Spoiler

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Foha was a spoiler and body kit powerhouse in the 1980s. Although the company produced interior components like center consoles in addition to exterior mods, the Austrian brand is known for their wide variety of spoilers for everything from E30 BMW’s to Toyota Celica’s. Since the company has been out of business for years now, these spoilers have become very difficult to come by and examples like the 944 lip spoiler listed here, are seldomly for sale. 

This Foha front lip spoiler is specifically for naturally aspirated 2.5L and 2.7L 944’s. All mounting hardware is included and is said to be in good condition. The bolts are not compromised (these are typically rusty and/or stripped) and appear to be in excellent shape. 

There is a flexible internal component that allows for the spoiler to be plied and shaped to the radius of the 944s front valence.  The outer portion of the spoiler is made of a rubber material that is said to be somewhat similar to the material used on the 944’s rear hatch spoiler.

The seller states this lip spoiler is a bolt-on application that does not require drilling or physical modification to the front spoiler. 


Scuffs along the bottom

Hardware in great condition


Porsche 944 FOHA - Lip Spoiler


Bid to: $400