How much does it cost to list my item on Rad For Sale?


-Sellers pay just $125 to list, nothing more

-Premier site placement with other icons of the RADwood Era

-10 day auction duration (instead of the ‘standard’ 7 days)

-Guaranteed additional social media exposure and more



-Sellers pay just $85 to list, nothing more

-Curated listing based on sellers approval 

-Agreed reserve and auction scheduling 

-Minimum 7 day auction duration



-Sellers pay just $45, nothing more

-Curated listing based on sellers approval 

-Agreed auction scheduling 

-Minimum 7 day auction duration


 FREE TO LIST* Parts and lifestyle items 

-Curated listing based on sellers approval 

-Agreed auction scheduling 

-Minimum 7 day auction duration

*We’re looking for the ultra RAD and desirable. Feel free to contact us at before submitting if you’re not sure.


How do I submit an item? 

-Submitting an item is easy. Go to "List Your RAD Stuff" and we’ll make sure it fits the RADwood Era. We ask for some basic info (year, make, model, VIN, etc) and we’ll then contact you and let you know if it’s approved.


What vehicles are acceptable?

-Cars, trucks, motorcycles (and more) produced between 1980-1999 (RADwood Era) are all considered, but we do have standards. Generally, we’re looking for interesting, rare, or unusual vehicles, but good quality examples of more “commonplace” vehicles will be considered. 

-There are exceptions regarding model year runs that begin or end outside of 1980-1999. Some examples of older models that may be accepted: 1979 VW Rabbit or BMW E12, examples of later cars include a 2000 Mazda Miata or Porsche Boxster. Also, vehicles modified in or inspired by the RADwood Era (ie. Cali-style VW Bug or Big Foot Ford Truck) may also be accepted.


How does the auction listing get created? What do I need to include in my listing?

-We write every auction based on information and photos provided. We’ll start by asking for the basics such as year/make/model/VIN. 


How long does it take for my RAD item to be ready for auction? 

-Quicker than most auction sites but our listing creation time-line depends on the volume of RFS submissions. We will work with you to create a start and end time that works best for you.


What if I need help during the auction? 

-All good! RFS will be working with you throughout the entire process. From auction creation to assisting with commenters and buyers and everything in between. 


Can I change my listing or reserve price?

-Auction descriptions cannot be edited once “live” but we can add more details to the comment section and photos to the listing. The reserve price cannot be lowered, however, you do have the option to remove it at any time. 


What happens after my auction ends? 

-We’ll connect the winning bidder and seller via email immediately after the auction ends to complete the deal.

The transaction (exchange of funds) is not controlled by Rad For Sale and it’s up to you to perform due diligence to complete the process. We recommend that you request a photo/scan of the signed title (upon payment) and bill of sale asap. 


How do I get paid for my sold item?

-This process is completed between buyer and seller via email. RFS will connect buyer and seller to complete the deal but we recommend payments via wire transfer or cashier's check before handing over the title.


What if the buyer doesn’t pay?

-In the very rare case your item sells and the winning bidder does not follow through with payment, the buyer will be banned from RFS and we will work to connect you to the next highest bidder to complete a deal if possible. If unsuccessful, we will discuss relisting the item in the future free of charge to the seller. 


What if my item doesn’t meet reserve? Can I re-list it? 

-If your item does not meet the reserve, we’ll contact the highest bidder and see if a deal can be made.

We don’t typically relist items, however, rare exceptions can be made depending on the item listed and auction result. 


Can I bid on my own item? 

-No, we do not condone bidding on your own item. We strive for transparency during the auction process and bidding on your own item to raise prices is not acceptable. All auctions will be closely monitored to ensure fair bidding practices.


Can I list my car elsewhere while my auction is live? 

-No, we do not allow other means of sale during your auction, online or in person. We feel this greatly diminishes the result of your auction on RFS. 


How long do auctions last? 

-Standard auctions last 7 days, typically ending on a weekday (Monday through Friday). Royalty Auctions last 10 days. 


What are the differences between Standard and Royalty auctions? 

-Standard auctions are suitable for most vehicles of the RADwood Era. Royalty auctions are offered for the most iconic and rad examples of the era and include some extra perks beyond what’s included in a standard listing. Royalty listings get premium “banner” placement on the homepage, guaranteed additional social media exposure, and auction durations are 10 days long. 


What is a reserve price? 

-A reserve is the minimum price, agreed by the seller and RFS, that a vehicle will sell for. Using our knowledge of RADwood Era values, recent sales, and historical data of cars submitted, we will work with the seller to create a reasonable reserve price before the auction starts. Reserve prices are not typically revealed during the auction and we don’t recommend disclosing reserve info at any time. 


What about No Reserve auctions? 

-A No Reserve listing means the highest bidder will win the auction. 


How do I take great photos of my car? 

-Great question! Visit our Photo Guide for expert tips


Can I cancel or end the auction early?

-No. To keep the process fair, we do not cancel or end auctions earlier than stated. 


Can I sell a car from outside the US?

-For sure! 



How do I register to bid?

-Registering is quick and easy. Click the “sign up” button in the upper right-hand corner of our page.

By registering, you’ll be able to bid on auctions, sell an item and/or comment on listings.


How does bidding work?

-Bidding is easy. Place a bid at any time using the bid button on the auction page. Bids can be advanced by any increment until the bid amounts reach $1000. Then bids can be advanced by a minimum of $10. 

-In the interest of transparency, auction end times will reset to 3 minutes if a bid is placed within the last 3 minutes. By extending the auction time, every buyer gets a fair chance to place a final bid.

Why do you charge my credit card when I place a bid?

-When bidding, we place a hold on your card for 4.5% of your initial bid amount with a minimum hold of $150 and a maximum of $4500. Should you win the auction, that hold will be converted to a charge. If not, the hold will be released immediately at auction end. It can sometimes take a few days for your bank to release the funds.


How much is the buyer’s fee?

-The buyer's fee is 4.5% of the winning bid, with a maximum fee of $4500. This is much lower than traditional auction companies and most other online auction sites.


What happens if the auction I bid on does not meet reserve?

-If you are the highest bidder of an auction that does not meet the reserve, we will put the seller in contact with you to see if a deal can be made. 


What happens if I am the winning bidder?

-Congrats! We will put you in touch with the seller via email immediately following the auction to complete the deal.


How do I pay the seller? 

-The payment transaction for the winning bid amount is between the seller and the buyer. At the conclusion of the auction, RFS will connect the winning bidder and seller via email. We recommend the buyer requests a photocopy of the title and a bill of sale prior to sending payment. There are multiple ways to pay for an item but we recommend a wire transfer.


How does shipping work?

-Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer and should be considered long before the auction ends.